Technical Authoring

The combination of skilled author / engineers and the use of the latest information management technologies allow us to offer focused, cost effective and innovative technical documentation services. We use our specialist skills in the writing, illustration and delivery (paper or electronic) of technical information.

OMI can provide:

•  Operating and Maintenance Manuals

•  System Descriptions

•  Operating Instructions / guidelines

•  Maintenance Frequency Schedules

•  Maintenance Procedures

•  Vendor manual collation and indexing

Fit- for-purpose Documentation

OMI recognises that the cost of planned maintenance downtime and unplanned plant outage can be very high and that the ability to rapidly access effective, accurate and easy to understand information can contribute enormously to reducing maintenance costs.

OMI is experienced in working with the customer to identify and agree the level of content required to produce fit for purpose' documentation that provides concise information for the safe operation and maintenance of the plant at the appropriate maintenance or operation level. This ensures that all operation and maintenance staff has the right information at the right location at a minimum cost to the customer.