Supply Chain Management

OMI recognises that a large proportion of the information for Operating and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals is created or obtained from the supply chain and collated with other related information to create a complete O&M Manual, to comply with health and safety and other regulatory requirements.

The management of the collation and assembly process can be complex and involve obtaining information and data from principal contractors, the supply chain, consultants and architects.

A key part of this process is the assessment of information provided by the supply chain to ensure that the information:

•  Is specific for the plant

•  Includes Health & Safety information

•  Provides sufficient information to safely operate and maintain the plant

•  Is available and approved for system hand-over to the customer

In many cases the source of this information includes the equipment suppliers, in addition to the first tier supply chain, adding to the complexities of collation and configuration of the finished document.

OMI is proficient in the process required to undertake this complex task and can offer tailored solutions to either provide assistance to contractors to enhance their own in-house capability, or take complete ownership of the process, working on behalf of the customer.