Technical Writing

O&M interactive have a wealth of experience in the production of building fabric and mechanical and electrical services operating and maintenance manuals for the construction industry, including health and safety files.

Together with the engineering expertise of Ployflow Ltd we have the capability of producing high quality hard copy or digital electronic manuals, written by engineers for engineers.

Document Management and Control

O&M Interactive control all the content placed into the documents and can provide electronic integration of the complete health and safety file and o&m record documentation for any size project. Usually the planning supervisor would collate all information in hard copy provided by the Principal Contractor as required under the current CDM regulations. The product is often a disorganised collection of poor quality documents in tens or hundreds of differing binders leaving the user with great difficulty in trying to navigate or use the source information. Whether or not O&M are employed to collate the record documentation and health and safety file we offer a comprehensive electronic integration service incorporating:-

•  Converting all documents whether hard or electronic format, into a common document management / viewer system.

•  Providing full indexes within each document to enable user navigation

•  Providing integration of record drawings, manufacturers literature and test documentation.

•  Providing an all encompassing browser application to enable simple navigation through all documentation

•  Providing a powerful search engine to enable users to quickly identify information through the entire suite of documents

•  Providing access to manufacturers web sites via the document management system without the need for additional software.

•  Providing the abiltiy to Email any part of the o&m documentation, record drawings or health and safety file via the document management system without the need for additional software

•  Providing the ability to mark up or add comments to record drawings via the document management system without the need for expensive Autocad software or extensive training

•  Proving stand alone or network capable document management system

•  Providing full training with telephone help desk to user teams.

Manuals Updating and Re-drafting

O&M interactive can scan your paper documents, and convert to electronic format, we will then re-issue hard copy or CD manuals incorporating the OMI document management system as requested

High Volume Scanning

OCR: O&M interactive can read the text from paper documents and covert to electronic format

AutoCad Services Ployflow can carry out site survey works to produce original CAD record drawings, modify existing record drawings or collate and check drawings produced by other works contractors.