Manual Creation Process

O&M Interactive filter write and control the content placed into your documents. The final documentation includes the text-based information plus all literature, specialist's information, test and commissioning data.

The service we offer includes visiting your offices to obtain all the appropriate information from your project file, and obtaining all information from your sub-contractors, suppliers etc, on your behalf.

The manuals are written in electronic format for distribution in hard copy or CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM version includes the OMI document management software.

Creation Programme (based on typical major project)


Item/task Description Action
  Appoint O&M

Agree standards / template quote and place order

-12 weeks Commence document Production

Collate project specific Information: Send Specification to OMI. Send Drawings to OMI. Send Project directory to OMI. *Arrange site visits if requested

-8 weeks 1st draft document issued for comment

Electronic copies sent via CD or download from web site alternatively hard copy draft posted *

*drawings, literature, test certificates not included at draft stage.

-8 weeks: -4 weeks Comment Approval Comments can be made via on line mark-up, Email notes or marked up fax/post pages Designer/Contractor
-4 weeks Final Record Documents Send Record Drawings to OMI Send Test Certificates to OMI Contractor
Practical Completion Issue Final Documents Actual copies and distribution to be agreed Client/OMI
4 weeks Document Updates Actual copies and distribution to be agreed Client/OMI