Health and Safety File

The design, implementation and operation of any construction project will always create vast amounts of information. In the case of a building or process plant installation, thousands of operating, maintenance and health and safety documents can be generated, from hundreds of different sources, including the principal contractor, supply chain, consultants and architects.

The OMI building and fabric manuals are designed to alleviate the inherent problems associated with paper based technical documents. Drawings, manufacturers literature, certificates and other specialist dated are all included electronically. The electronic document provides a replica of the paper documents in an easily stored, accessed and secure format. The structure, familiarity, and layout of the paper document is retained for ease of use.

OMI provides a coherent document structure, which contains all essential information elements, minimising repetitive and duplicate information.

Record documents generally comprise of information needed by the building manager to operate and maintain their building in a safe, professional and cost effective manner.

Health and Safety File Standard Template


Title Description
Section 1 Intoduction

Purpose of the file. Document status ledger. File holder responsibilities

Section 2 Provisions for Health and Safety incorporated Within the design

Descriptions of access / Progress

Section 3 Fire Safety Strategy

Specialist Report Description of fire strategy

Section 4 Design Criteria

Structural design criteria Architectural Design Criteria. Landscape Design Criteria. Public Health Design Criteria. Services Design Criteria

Section 5 Residual Risks and Hazards

Schedules of residual risks and Hazards

Section 6 Drawings / Records All record drawings
Section 7 Operating and Maintenance Manuals

Mechanical and Electrical Services Manuals. Operating and Maintenance Manuals. Building Fabric Contractors and Suppliers Operating and Maintenance Manuals