Building and Fabric Manuals

The design, implementation and operation of any construction project will always create vast amounts of information. In the case of a building or process plant installation, thousands of operating, maintenance and health and safety documents can be generated, from hundreds of different sources, including the principal contractor, supply chain, consultants and architects.

The OMI building and fabric manuals are designed to alleviate the inherent problems associated with paper based technical documents. Drawings, manufacturers literature, certificates and other specialist dated are all included electronically. The electronic document provides a replica of the paper documents in an easily stored, accessed and secure format. The structure, familiarity, and layout of the paper document is retained for ease of use.

Building and Fabric Manuals Standard Template


Title Description
Section 1 Intoduction

Description of works carried out

Section 2 Health & Saftey Precautions

Health and safety precautions. Health and safety information

Section 3 External Finishes (Roof, Windows, Cladding & Brickwork etc)

Description of external finishes / Materials Used

Section 4 Internal Structure & Finishes Description of internal structure and Finishes
Section 5 Maintenance Requirements Cross reference index to Manufactures and equipment. Maintenance Schedules & Regimes
Section 6 Door Schedules & Ironmongery Doors and Ironmongery Schedules
Section 7 Foul /Surface Water Drainage System Description of works carried out
Section 8 Public Health Systems Description of works carried out. Sanitaryware Schedules.
Section 9 External Landscaping Description of works carried out
Section 10 Fire Appliances Schedule of Fire Appliances
Section 11 Furniture Supply / Manufacturers Description of Furniture supplied
Section 12 List of Suppliers / Contractors Used Cross reference index to suppliers / contrators Contact list for suppliers/contractors
Section 13 Signage Description of works carried out
Section 14 Building Fabric / Structure Manufacturers Literature All Literature