Documentation in Electronic Format

Documents conform to BSRIA and British Standard guidelines, or alternatively to the clients own specification and templates.

OMI manuals provide an electronic version of all the documents that make up the required manuals and include drawings and manufacturers literature.

The documents once created provide a replica of the paper documents in an easily accessed, stored, secure and standard format.

The documents are created in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and AutoCAD DWG format

For use with the OMI document management software.

The OMI document management software is supplied free of charge to the relevant members of the project team and comes as either Multi User network version or Single User Stand alone version.

The Standard electronic version provides an indexed document, which allows the user to quickly access the information contained in the manual.

The interactive version is indexed and hyper-linked between documents enabling the user to access all related information particular to a piece of equipment or section of the manual, such as the drawings, manufacturers literature, health and safety information or even relevant web sites.