Data Conversion

A key part of overall safety information (in accordance with the CDM regulations) is the operational and maintenance information. This information is generated from a large number of sources in the supply chain.

The management configuration and control of the information is vital to ensure an auditable trail from design, and through life of the equipment and also to ensure the right information is available for the maintenance engineers.

Electronic information is well on the way to replacing cumbersome paper based systems, however there is a vast amount of information still held on paper, with the associated problems of storage, up dating, distribution and control.

OMI has a unique level of experience in applying technology to data conversion to simplify the process, achieve high levels of accuracy and reduce the cost of converting information.

OMI data conversion includes:

•  Getting added value from converting paper based information at a cost that meets the customers budget

•  Scanning images and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Data Migration for Content/Document Management & electronic O&M Manuals