Full title of project as required on the face page.

Names/address/telephone numbers of all parties to appear in the “Project Directory” (Client/main contractor/architect/designer etc.)

3, Full copy of particular specification.
4, One full set of up to date drawings, including schematics.
5, Schedule of Record Drawings.
6, Copies of all significant orders placed with suppliers and subcontractors complete with addresses and telephone numbers.
7, Copy of supplier's technical quotation or delivery schedules.
8, Complete up to date plant schedules (not procurement schedules) usually including Boilers / Chillers / Air Handling Units / Fans / Grilles / Pumps / Radiators / Convectors / Fan Coils etc.
9, Copies (or preferably originals) of all pressure test / insurance certificates required in the manual.
10, Details of conditions of contract with sub contractors/suppliers with regard to O&M material. (i.e. if they are bound by order conditions to supply a certain number of copies).
11, All copies of O&M material supplied with equipment / already in your possession.

Required Format (Hard Copy or DVD / CD-ROM)

13, List of spares, as recommended and as ordered.
14, A4 or A3 size copies of valve charts, record drawings, and wiring diagrams if required in the manual.
Note. We have included for contacting suppliers/manufacturers on your behalf to obtain O&M material but not for any charges they may levy.